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Helenio Herrera - Pensa veloce Agisce veloce

Go ahead and judge him as the mood takes you. Clown and genius, buffoon and ascetic, rogue and model father, sultan and faithful husband, swaggering fool and quiet achiever, delinquent and competent, megalomaniac and health fanatic. Herrera is all of the above and more, as we perhaps all are at some point. I met a wizard and discovered a child, following him – with you – across seas and continents. In all honesty, I have no idea how he managed to show you all his faces, all his sides. The main thing for me is he is never fake, even when he forces himself. Helenio Herrera is always real, if not always to our liking.

So here’s the thing: who is the real HH??

Gianni Brera, from Herrera, Longanesi 1966


Photo of Helenio Herrera as a child
Important events in the life of Helenio Herrera


Helenio Herrera with silverware
Teams and trophies


Helenio Herrera - Portrait
Photographs of Herrera.


Herrera's coffee
Interview with Luna Herrera