Helenio Herrera and his mother, Maria Gavilàn Martínez

Helenio aged four in Buenos Aires and, on the right, with his sister, Aurora

HH centre-forward of Roches Noires Club, Casablanca in 1929

29.02.1936 - France, Ecole de Joinville, military team

1936 - Olympique de Charleville

1936 - Coupe de France. Note that the players' clothes are similar to those of factory workers (double-breasted jacket and shorts made of poor quality materials), while the officials and the military officers are wearing perfectly pressed suits.

1937-39 - Excelsior de Roubaix.

Military team

Equipe militaire - Herrera is the second from the left in the back row

HH in 1947 before the France v. Belgium match

HH in 1948 before the France v. Portugal match

23 May 1948: coach for France against Holland

1948: France v. Italy in Paris

1948: France v. Italy in Paris

23 May 1948: coach for France against Scotland

July 1949: Burgos, national coaching course

2-7-1950: Training the Spanish B Team

June 1950: Atlético Madrid

1952: At the Escurial with Atlético Madrid

November 1952: At the Escurial with Atlético Madrid

1954: Seville

1 January 1955: Corunha-Seville

1956: Seville (HH top left)

Left: "Don Helenio, French-Argentinian coach of undoubted merits"

Right: HH carried on the shoulders of Seville fans after the victory against Real Madrid, 1957

Milan 1965, the scudetto won with Inter on the coach's shirt

Rome 1969

HH training Roma F.C., 1970

Rome 1970. HH practiced yoga every morning for over 50 years.

Helenio and Fiora, December 1972

1973 - with Fiora and Helios

Chairman Mirò-Sans visiting HH and Segarra at Camp Nou in the 1980s

Madrid, Copa de España 1981, won after the kidnapping of Barcelona's top scorer of Quini

Barcellona 1982