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Helenio Herrera is an extraordinarily contemporary figure. He coached Inter, Barcelona, Ateletico Madrd, Rome, Seville and three national teams: France, Spain and Italy, and is known everywhere as il Mago (the Wizard). When he began his coaching career in Paris, he was given the name le sorcier (the sorcerer).

In fact, his greatest talent was in making you feel better, transforming you into a being who can feel no pain or fatigue, making you feel invincible like a hero or a god of pagan mythology.

His words were able to instill a special strength, an inner light that – like a jewel – that does not make you more beautiful, but makes you feel more beautiful.

Fiora Gandolfi, Maghi si diventa, Venice 2012.

Infondeva con la sua parola una forza speciale, una luceinterna fortissima, che ti trasformava: come un goiello "non ti fa più bello, ma ti fa sentire più bello."

Fiora Gandolfi, maghi si diventa, Venice 2012.

maghi si diventa maghi si diventa

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maghi si diventa